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Clinical Informatics and eHealth 2015: Student Profiles

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Jane  - Studying Dementia Care at the University of Tasmania


If you are confused about all the hype regarding an electronic health record or the meaning of eHealth as it relates to your field, this is the subject for you. Although my interest is in aged care, I am more interested in how eHealth can support home carers.   The subject is flexible in that it allows you to choose which topics are of most interest to you. Additionally, the discussion board with other clinicians provides enlightenment as to the eHealth knowledge of other health professionals. I found the comments by researchers particularly informative. The weekly 200-word assignments were easy enough to do; however, the literature review was more difficult. This subject is a starting point to see if you would like to delve further into the study of this field. If not, at the very least, you will have acquired enough knowledge to have a meaningful conversation with the information technology gurus who are attempting to change the way healthcare is delivered.



Natalie - Studying Psychology at the University of Melbourne


My learning during the online eHealth and Clinical Informatics course has helped immensely in my transition out of Business IT and into my first Health IT role.  I recently applied for, was interviewed and then offered employment at a major hospital as an Application Support Officer.   Throughout the application process, the online course material allowed me to express relevant an up-to-date knowledge, so I could stand out from the other candidates and win the job. Pleas pass on my thanks to the entire course team. I recently provided information about this subject to two other people who are interested in accessing eHealth education for health providers to reduce adoption barriers.

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